About us

From an early age, Hector found a love for the kitchen. As he watched his mom cook for his family of 5 he learned all the ins and outs of cooking quality dishes. He found how much he enjoyed cooking for his large family. He would volunteer to make all holiday dinners. After his friends and family would see the success of his dinners, they started asking him to cater their events. That is when he thought how great it would be to be able to bring his passion for cooking and start his own catering business. That is when Platinum Catering was born.

We know that having an event can be very stressful. Platinum Catering's main goal is to make your event 100% stress free. From selecting your food variety to decorating, we want to make sure we are there for you every step of the way.

At Platinum Catering, serving the most flavorful dishes is our priority. With over 20+ years of combined experience our culinary team offers a variety of dishes from all ethnicities.

Whether you’re just hosting a girl’s night at home or are looking to have a Platinum wedding or event, let Platinum Catering make your next event a memorable one.